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BRQ offers architecture, consulting and support all Salesforce Services. Have better results with us. 

Complete solutions with excellence

1. Consulting

We identify your requirements, assess your processes, analyze your structure, recommend changes and implement them.

  • OrgScan – full Salesforce evaluation
  • Discovery & Design
  • Process mapping
  • Development & usability testing
  • Training

2. Architecture

We offer architectural consultation, development, design, QA, and infrastructure services for your implementation needs.

  • Outline tailor-made solutions 
  • Create components and screens 
  • Design and implement a complete construction of flows  
  • Available for Android or iOS application and offline-use 

3. AMS (Support)

We guarantee dependable and continuous support for your Salesforce products by employing proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance, and fastproblem solving services.

  • Configuration and customization
  • Change and problem management
  • Implementation of improvements
  • Technical and functional consultant

Optimize your staff’s productivity

As a Salesforce Partner with over 10 years of experience in consulting, our team of experts provides a robust framework. We offer comprehensive support, addressing bug fixes and customizations, seamlessly integrating with various data sources and tailoring solutions to meet your business requirements. 

Our diverse, multidisciplinary teams empower you to focus on your core priorities, while we expertly handle all your company’s software solution needs. 

BRQ is a renowned Salesforce expert and one of the largest salesforce consulting firms in Brazil

With over 30 years of experience in the industry and a decade of dedicated Salesforce specialization, we take pride in our status as a Salesforce Platinum Partner. Our team includes over 170 certified Salesforce professionals, and our acclaimed track record spans more than 200 satisfied clients and the successful delivery of 300 projects. 


Customer satisfaction in the Partner Community

Today, over 70 clients trust us with our Salesforce consulting services.
Join us as the next one!

Whenever there is a problem, we will always have an expert for it. Our team is complete with professionals with different skills.

The benefits of a Salesforce consultancy

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What is the exact scope of the service offered?

We work with multidisciplinary and on-demand squads. The scope of service is defined according to the specific needs of your business, ranging from initial consulting to implementation, customization, and ongoing support of Salesforce.

What are the costs involved in the service and how are they structured?

Service costs are determined based on the scope of the project and are structured according to the agreed model, which may be per hour, per project, or per support contract.

We have a 30-year history of leading a journey of technological growth for our clients. During this time, BRQ has established a solid track record and has become both a leader in our segment and one of Brazil’s most trusted digital transformation providers.

We are a Salesforce Platinum Partner since 2009.

Our purpose is to accelerate business with intelligence and technology. We materialize our clients’ strategies into high-impact digital solutions!