Salesforce Managed Services

Maximize your Salesforce potential

Get structured support for your Salesforce products with Application Management Services (AMS). We are a consulting partner, with over 15 years of experience.

As a Consulting Partner with over 15 years of experience, our Salesforce Support experts specialize in providing bug fixes and customizations. This ensures a flexible and scalable utilization of Salesforce products for your business.

BRQ AMS is designed to scale your business according to your organizational requirements, allowing you to focus on what truly matters, while we take care of the software solutions your association needs.

Solutions with our Application Managed Services (AMS)

  • Fast technical support for incidents at all levels
  • Support for changes and requests
  • Assistance for usage queries
  • Technical support
  • Service Delivery Management (SDM)
  • Governance and Management Team
  • Close partnership overseeing the project
  • Monitoring and analysis of resource usage
  • Continuous improvement
  • Expertise of the Salesforce team

Main AMS Deliverables

You’ll have continuous improvement with an AMS

1. Plan

  • Identify the key functions
  • Develop a roadmap for implementation
  • Set action plans

2. Validate

  • Audit Data
  • Monitor performance
  • Verify the achievement of goals

3. Deploy

  • Build, configure and deploy applications
  • Manage organizational changes
  • Manage Salesforce adoption

BRQ's unique advantages tailored just for you

Time Zone Compatibility


Lower Costs

BRQ is recognized as a leader in Salesforce by the ISG Provider Lens™ 2023 study — Brazil


Customer satisfaction in the Partner Community


Certified Salesforce Professionals


Customers served with Salesforce solutions


Projects implemented in Salesforce


Years of Market

We are experts in all Salesforce products. We are BRQ!

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Do you work with other aspects/modules of Salesforce?

Yes, we specialize in Salesforce consulting, implementation, customization, and provide continuous support. Our expertise covers all Salesforce products.

What are the costs involved in the service and how are they structured?

Service costs are determined based on the scope of the project and are structured according to the agreed model, which may be per hour, per project, or per support contract.

Which languages do you serve?

We provide services in major languages, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Boasting a 30-year history, BRQ leads technological growth for clients, solidifying a track record as a leader in Brazil’s digital transformation.

ThinkBRQ LLC, a New York subsidiary since 2008, offers services like Engineering, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and more. Leveraging onshore/nearshore resources ensures efficient scaling and real-time communication. Our mission: accelerate business growth through intelligence and technology.

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